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Lithophane Lights

Pixie Art has aquired lithopane night lights, shadow boxes, and illuminated stands. These beautiful lights make perfect gifts. Each light is designed with a fantasy figure of your choice created by artists such as Amy Brown, Nene Thomas , David Delamare, and more.

Bubble Rider Nightlight $20.00
Temporarily Sold Out

Faerie Mom & Child Nightlight $30.00
Temporarily Sold Out

A Midsummer Night's Dream Nightlight $20.00
Temporarily Sold Out

Queen of Hearts Nightlight $20.00

Enchanted Flight Shadow Box $39.50
Temporarily Sold Out

Mermaid and Merman Shadow Box $39.50

Sisters Shadow Box $39.50

Queen of Shadows Victorian Stand $49.50

Crescent Moon Victorian Stand $49.50

Primrose Nightlight $20.00
Temporarily Sold Out

A Little Night Music Nightlight $20.00

Nice Faerie Nightlight $20.00
Temporarily Sold Out

Faerie Moon Nightlight $30.00
Temporarily Sold Out

To Catch a Falling Star (in color) Shadow Box $43.50
Temporarily Sold Out

Moon Dreamer (in color) Shadow Box $43.50

Queen of Shadows Shadow Box $39.50
Temporarily Sold Out

Mermaid and Mirror Victorian Stand $49.50