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Boyds Teddy Bears

Pixie Art Productions is now officially a "Paws" Dealer of the Boyds Teddy Bear Collection. These adorable and plush teddy bears are great collectibles, and make adorable gifts for both children and adults. Come in to the Pixie Shop to choose a bear for any occasion and season. 

 Winter Bear $24.00

Temporarily Sold Out

Holly Bear $12.00

Traditional Heirloom Bear $10.00

January's Bear $30.00
Temporarily Sold Out

February's Bear $30.00
Temporarily Sold Out

March's Bear $30.00

April's Bear $30.00
Temporarily Sold Out

May's Bear $30.00
Temporarily Sold Out

June's Bear $30.00

July's Bear $30.00

August's Bear $30.00

September's Bear $30.00